Griffin Adidas Black/Red Armband for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus
  • Keeps your iPhone�close at hand
  • Keeps it safe from elements

Ultra-lightweight�performance nylon

Griffin Adidas�Armband wraps your�upper bicep�in�ultra-lightweight�performance nylon.�The band adjusts to fit upper arms�up to 17 inch (43 cm).


Griffin�Armband�wicks moisture away for comfort.

Touch-through screen protector for iPhone

A�sweat-proof�touch-through screen covers and protects your iPhone touchscreen.

Ports for headphone jack and heart rate monitor

Strategically placed ports in�Griffin Adidas�Armband�provide�easy access�for headphone and heart rate monitor.

Built-in key holder

Griffin�Armband's inline pocket allows you to carry a house or gym key while you are out on a run or a workout.

What Comes in the Box

1 X�Griffin Adidas�Armband


Armband adjusts to fit arms up to 17 inch (43 cm)

Works with

iPhone 6�Plus/iPhone 6s�Plus

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