Hotway Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh Pearl Blue Power Bank

For sale to Singapore customers only

  • Intelligent Power Bank with Li-ion batteries
  • Charge two devices on the go

Short Circuit Protection

Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh�prevents over discharging�and hence�saves�your battery cells�from dying sooner.

Over Current Protection

If the current is over the protection range while charging or discharging�Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh, the cell Overcurent Protection will terminate the charging or discharging immediately so that it can�avoid any catastrophe.

Overheat Protection

When the battery temperature becomes too high during the charging process, the electrical current will�automatically shut down�until the battery cools down to a normal temperature.

Overcharge Protection

Your Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh has a�protection IC which terminates the charging process after a certain period. This is to�prevent overcharging.

Over Discharge Protection

When the�device is discharging, if the battery voltage is lower�than 2.3�0.1V, the over discharge protection in your�Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh�will�terminate discharging immediately, so that it�won’t shorten�the device's or the battery’s lifespan.


  • Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh ensures�intelligent dynamic�charging current control
  • Maximum 5V/2.4A current output supports�fast charging
  • USB 5V/1.5A power input supports�fast recharging
  • Dual USB port output design allows user to�charge two devices�at the same time
  • Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh has standard USB 2.0 5V power output,�compatible�with most mobile device charging requirements
  • Multiple safety protection�design for safe and reliable usage
  • Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh uses�the best battery�cells from Sanyo, Japan
  • Designed and manufactured in Taiwan for best�quality�and�reliability

What Comes in the Box

1 X Hotway Probox Nekomonogatari 10400mAh Power Bank


One-Year Limited�Hardware Warranty


  • Length: 9.90 cm
  • Breadth: 7.80 cm
  • Height: 2.32 cm
  • Weight: 242 gm

Works with

Smartphones/tablets/digital cameras/other gadgets that can be charged with standard USB 5V power

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