Jaybird Freedom F5 Blaze In-Ear Wireless Headphones
  • Helmet compatibility - fits under any helmet, no matter how tight
  • Smart watches - just sync music to your smart watch and pair with your buds
  • Share music with another pair of Freedom buds. 2 buds connected to 1 device

Size Does Matter

Jaybird Freedom Headphones combine sophisticated style, incredible sound and increased comfort in the smallest, most advanced wireless earbuds ever designed, rivaling anything in the wired world.

Upgrade Your Run

Take your tunes to the streets with a sweat-proof versatile, low impact universal Bluetooth in-ear design of your Jaybird Freedom Headphones. So small and comfortable, you almost forget you’re wearing them.


A new approach to in-ear speaker design that significantly reduces the speaker housing diameter while maintaining incredible sound performance. This innovation allows for a drastic reduction in overall bud size that ensures a truly universal comfort fit.

On-the-Go Charging

A specially designed charging clip of Jaybird Freedom Headphones provides a mobile charging solution, giving you eight hours of playtime with the ability to charge even longer. Just clip the lightweight charger on while driving to the gym or during your workout and 20 minutes gets you an extra hour of playtime.

All Metal Housing

Moving to metal is a revolution for in-ear wireless buds. The elegant and premium sand-blasted metal material adds a sense of style and enhanced durability to the innovative micro-sized design, without effecting the legendary Jaybird Bluetooth signal strength – allowing Jaybird Freedom Headphones to become the ultimate accessory to your active life.


Premium Comply™ memory foam ear tips exclusively designed for Jaybird Freedom Headphones, deliver maximum noise isolation, fit and comfort. Patented silicone ear fins hug into the top, back & lower surface areas of the ear, all essential to lock in a secure fit for sports.

Over/Under Ear-Fit Options

A stand out feature of Jaybird Freedom Headphones is the ability to lift the cord off your neck for a liberating workout experience. This allows for your Freedom buds to be used either in the traditional under-ear style for music & calls, or over-ear, designed for those wanting a great sports music experience.

Ultra Comfortable

Stoking out to your tunes without knowing you’ve got buds in - that’s Nirvana! The music takes over and everything else melts away. Enhanced comfort is critical for a premium in-ear bud experience. Jaybird Freedom Headphone's micro-sized universal secure-fit design means you’ve got all-day listening comfort to look forward to.

Customized Sound Settings

With the Jaybird MySound App you can now customize your EQ settings to your unique preferences. Your customized presets are saved on your Jaybird Freedom Headphones no matter what music device they’re paired with. No more complaints of too much or not enough bass - you’re now in control.


Multipoint enables you to simultaneously pair and connect your buds with two different Bluetooth devices. For example you can have your Jaybird Freedom Headphones connected to your laptop and your phone at the same time. You can listen to music from your laptop and are still able to answer an incoming call on your phone using your Freedom buds controller. Pretty wicked!

What Comes in the Box

  • 1 X Jaybird Freedom Headphones
  • 3 X Pairs Silicone Eartips (S, M and L)
  • 3 X Pairs ComplyTM Premium Foam Eartips (S, M and L)
  • 3 X Pairs Ear Fins (S, M and L)
  • 1 X USB Charging Cable
  • 2 X Cord Management Clips
  • 1 X Cord Clip
  • 1 X Charging Clip
  • 1 X Carry Pouch


One-Year Limited Hardware Warranty


  • Length: 2.34 cm
  • Width: 2.24 cm
  • Height: 0.62 cm
  • Weight: 13.8 gm
  • Cord Length: 36 cm


  • Noise isolation: Passive
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • Speaker sensitivity: 96 +/-3 dB at 1 KHz
  • Output 5 mW nominal, 10 mW max
  • Total Harmonic Distortion <3% (1 KHz, 1 mW)
  • Audio Format: 16-bit Stereo
  • Codec: AAC, SBC, Modified SBC
  • Response Bandwidth 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Driver Size: 6 mm


  • Play Time: 8 Hrs (4 hrs plus an additional 4 hrs with included charging clip)
  • Standby Time: 110 Hrs (may vary dependent on usage, device & aging)
  • Charging Time: 2.5 Hrs
  • Quick Charge: 20 min = 1 hour Play Time Plus 1 hour of playtime via the charging clip


  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1, Multi-point
  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
  • Profiles: Handsfree, Headset, A2DP, AVCRP and SPP

Button Controls

  • AVRCP Music Controls (Play/pause, next and back)
  • Call Controls (answer, end, reject call etc)
  • General (Volume, pair and power)

Works with

  • Any Bluetooth device including iPhone (3, 3S, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus), Apple Watch, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini, new iPod Nano, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Android Wear Smartwatches, PC, Mac and gaming devices
  • MySound App Compatibility: iOS 9+ (except iPad 2), Android 4.4+
  • Any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device

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