Netgear ProSafe FS108P 8-Port Switch with 4 PoE Ports
  • Auto senses and adjusts for network speed
  • Fan-less design

Affordable Power over Ethernet Switching

Netgear ProSafe FS108P provides power and data from a single point, using Power�over Ethernet (PoE) over a single Cat-5 cable. The eight Fast Ethernet ports can�be used for any 10/100 Mbps link and four of these ports can supply industry standard�IEEE 802.3af power. Advanced auto-sensing algorithm gives power only�to 802.3af end devices, so no need to worry about damaging proprietary PoE or�non-PoE equipment. In addition, it discontinues the power when PoE devices are�disconnected. Easy and reliable, the ProSafe FS108P automatically determines�PoE requirements, speed, duplex, and cable type using Auto Uplink?.�The affordably priced ProSafe FS108P delivers PoE to any small business�network that wants to simplify the installation of wireless access points and�IP-based surveillance cameras. These devices are optimally installed on a�ceiling or high on a wall, away from most electrical outlets. PoE eliminates the�requirement for a dedicated electrical outlet to power these devices. This allows�for flexibility in situating devices where AC power is difficult to access and lowers�installation costs. Compact and flexible, Netgear ProSAFE FS108P is ideal for small�business networks that need to inexpensively use PoE to deploy wireless access�points and IP-based network surveillance cameras.


Choose to plug in up to eight Ethernet�or Fast Ethernet devices and mix in up�to four 802.3af IP-based devices like�wireless access points or IP-based network�surveillance cameras. Place these 802.3af compliant�devices where they belong –�high up on walls and ceiling for maximum�coverage – or anywhere else you need�them. Power and data are carried over�standard Cat 5 cabling.

Plug and Play

Netgear�ProSAFE FS108P easily integrates into your existing 10/100�Ethernet network. For PoE, the switch�automatically detects 802.3af-compliant�devices, and supplies power as needed.�Front panel LEDs keep you informed of�switch and PoE status.

Quiet and Compact

Engineered for compact convenience, it�features a 9-inch, durable metal case that is�easily positioned on your desktop or a wall,�using the included mounting hardware.

Great Value

With data switching and Power over�Ethernet integrated into one unit, Netgear ProSafe FS108P saves space, reduces cables and�eliminates the requirement for dedicated�electrical outlets – lowering installation�costs, simplifying installation of PoEcapable�devices, and eliminating the need�for electricians or extension cords. All in all,�a great benefit for a modest price.

What Comes in the Box

  • 1 X ProSAFE 8-port 10/100 Switch with�Power over Ethernet (FS108P)
  • 1 X AC Adapter
  • 1 X Wall-Mount Kit
  • 1 X Installation Guide
  • 1 X Warranty/Support Information Card


ProSAFE Lifetime Warranty


  • Length: 23.50 cm
  • Width: 10.30 cm
  • Height: 2.70 cm
  • Weight: 690 gm

Performance Specifications

  • Forwarding modes: Store-and-forward
  • Bandwidth: 1.6 Gbps
  • Network latency: Less than 20 ?s for�64-byte frames in store-and-forward�mode for 100 Mbps to 100 Mbps�transmission
  • Buffer memory: 96 KB embedded�memory per unit
  • Address database size:�1,000 media access control (MAC)�addresses per system
  • Addressing: 48-bit MAC address
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF):�927,000 hours
  • Acoustic noise: 0 dB (fanless)

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