Ozaki O!Coat Shockband 42mm White Extreme Edge Protection Bumper Case for Apple Watch
  • Full metal jacket
  • Protect your Watch while engaged in contact, extreme or ball sports
  • Case only (Apple Watch not included)

Extreme Protection

Hybridized premium aluminum outer and soft TPE rubber inner layers provide the edges of your Apple Watch with protection from the outside and anti-scratch cushioning from the inside.

Protects Apple Watch glass

The non-intrusive raised bevel design of Ozaki O!Coat Shockband Case keeps the face of your Apple Watch clear of flat surfaces while lying face down and saves it from impact.

Full Access

Ozaki O!Coat Shockband Case shockband keeps�all buttons, ports and functions and the digital crown�readily accessible.

Metalised Button

Your O!Coat Shockband has a metalised side button that provides solid click feedback consistent with Apple Watch design.


Patented technology guards your Watch against bumps, knocks and collisions while maintaining a slim profile.

Easy to Use

You can put on and take off your Ozaki O!Coat Shockband Case in one second.

Complements Original Design

Standard design complements the original shape of Apple Watch.

Wear with Care

Your Ozaki O!Coat Shockband Case may get dislodged if hooked on clothing or on other foreign objects.

What Comes in the Box

1 X Ozaki O!coat Shockband for Apple Watch 42mm


One-Year Hardware Warranty


  • Length: 4.064 cm
  • Breadth: 4.064 cm
  • Height: 3.302 cm
  • Weight: 9 gm

Works with

42mm Apple Watch/Apple Watch Sport/Apple Watch Edition models

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