Ozaki O!Coat Wardrobe Plus 38mm 2-in-1 Ultraslim and Lightweight Case Set for Apple Watch (For Him)
  • Turns Apple Watch Sport into an Apple Watch/Apple Watch Edition
  • Case only (Apple Watch not included)

Full Access

Ozaki O!Coat Wardrobe Plus keeps all buttons, ports and functions and the digital crown�readily accessible.

Ease of Use

Put on your Ozaki O!Coat Wardrobe Plus�and�take off in�one second.

Electroplated Protection

Light-weight electroplated protection case�protects your Apple Watch Sport from scratches�without adding bulk.

Complements Original Design

Standard design complements the original Watch shape,�Ozaki O!Coat Wardrobe Plus�looks great and protects�your Apple Watch Sport.

Ultraslim and Lightweight

  • Ultraslim 0.5 mm
  • Lightweight 0.5 g

2 in 1

One set of Ozaki O!Coat Wardrobe Plus�includes�space black and stainless steel�colors�O!Coat cases for Apple Watch Sport.

Caution:�Not�recommended for use with Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

Wear with Care

Your Ozaki�O!Coat�Wardrobe Plus may become dislodged if hooked on clothing or other foreign objects.

What Comes in the Box

1 X 2 Color Ozaki O!Coat Wardrobe Plus cases for Apple Watch Sport 38 mm


One-Year Hardware Warranty


  • Length: 4.064 cm
  • Breadth: 4.064 cm
  • Height: 3.302 cm
  • Weight: 63 gm�

Works with

38 mm Apple Watch Sport models

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