Toshiba Q300 Pro 512GB 2.5-In SATA III Solid State Drive
  • Low power consumption�(and longer battery life) even at highest speeds
  • Native Command Queuing�realigns commands on the fly to optimise SSD access
  • Lower operating noise

Dangerously Fast

Looking for an added performance boost? With Toshiba Q300 Pro 512 GB Drive there‘s virtually no speed limit. Whether you want to go full throttle with your games, video and graphics editing or dream of lightning fast booting times, the Q300 Pro 512 GB SSD�puts you in the fast lane. Toshiba's famous�quality�and�reliability�keep your data safe and secure.

Get In The Fast Lane

Designed to optimise your efficiency, the trailblazing Q300 Pro 512 GB Drive leverages�premium Toshiba NAND flash�to go the distance and deliver a superior balance of performance and value that will transform any mobile computing system.

Give Your Computing A Boost!

  • Toshiba Q300 Pro 512GB SSD uses 2-bit-per-cell A19 nm flash to�maximise speed�and reliability.
  • Thanks to�Adaptive Size SLC Write Cache�technology, the Drive can act as�a single-level-cell drive to enhance system responsiveness.

Longevity Guaranteed

Speed is great. Speed with endurance is better. That‘s why Toshiba built the Q300 Pro 512GB Drive with Total Bytes to Write (TBW) of 320�TB.

More Reliable With Toshiba‘s Original Error Correction Technology

Keeping your data safe is Toshiba‘s highest priority.

  • The�Q300 Pro 512GB SSD incorporates Toshiba‘s�Quadruple Swing-By Code Error Correction Circuit�(QSBC? ECC) to detect and correct errors on the fly.
  • The unique combination of QSBC? ECC and�Patrol Read, that checks constantly for data deterioration, makes sure that data integrity is kept at the highest levels.

One Step Ahead

Zeroing Trim Support�keeps your Toshiba Q300 Pro 512GB Drive's write speeds high by emptying unneeded stored data in advance. When new data needs to be stored, all is clear for speedy operations.

Keep Your Cool

Toshiba Q300 Pro 512GB SSD�runs quieter, smoother and more efficiently than traditional storage. Having no moving mechanical parts, a�SSD resists shock�better�for higher reliability. The additional built-in sensors monitor thermal properties, keeping your data safe.

What Comes in the Box

  • 1 X Toshiba Q300 Pro 512GB Solid State Drive
  • 1 X Spacer for 9.5 mm Applications
  • 1 X Quick Start Guide
  • 1 X Warranty Leaflet�


Five-Year Hardware Warranty


  • Length: 10 cm
  • Width: 6.99 cm
  • Height: 0.70 cm
  • Weight: 53 gm�

Technical Specifications

  • Controller: Toshiba TC358790
  • Interface: SATA III (6.0 Gbit/s, backwards compatible with 3.0 Gbit/s and 1.5 Gbit/s)
  • Max transfer rate: 6.0 Gbit/s
  • Sequential Read Speed: Up to 550 MB/s
  • Sequential Write Speed: Up to 520 MB/s
  • Random read speed: Up to 92,000 IOPS
  • Random write speed: Up to 63,000 IOPS
  • Deterministic Zeroing TRIM Support: Yes; requires OS support
  • S.M.A.R.T support: yes
  • Garbage collection: yes
  • Read only mode: yes
  • Thermal control: yes
  • MTTF: 1,500,000 hours
  • Power consumption: Active 3.3 W (typical); Idle 125 mW (typical)
  • Cloning tool software: NTI Echo 3 (migration software) by download
  • Utility tool software: Toshiba Storage Utilities by download�

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