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  • Amazfit ZenBuds Smart Sleep Wireless Earbuds
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Amazfit ZenBuds Smart Sleep Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds



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Amazfit ZenBuds Smart Sleep Earbuds Review Highlights

  • Passive (not active) noise-blocking in-ear design
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Relaxing, sleep-inducing sounds
  • Official sounds only. Cannot listen to your own audio

Three Playback Modes

  • Unlimited Duration.
  • Playback Duration: Choose based on your preference.
  • Smart Playback: Amazfit ZenBuds auto stop once you fall asleep.

Zepp App

  • Volume control.
  • Sleep Quality Report: Tracks sleep stages, sleep positions and heart rate. Gives suggestions for better sleep.
  • Natural, calming white-noise music library. Upload to Amazfit ZenBuds.

Personal Wake Up Alarm

  • Tone increases gradually.
  • Customise for days and times.
  • Goes off inside your ear. Does not disturb anyone around you.

Pomodoro Timer (PT)

  • Available in Focus Mode.
  • Helps you stay focused for 25-minute stretches.
  • Reminds you to take five-minute breaks.

Amazfit ZenBuds Smart Sleep Earbuds Features

  • Secure-fit design. Sleep/switch sides comfortably.
  • Sounds engineered to help you work and study with efficiency and focus.
  • Breathing exercise designed to soothe and relieve stress. 
  • Soft and flexible textureSkin-friendly eartips. Easy to clean.
  • 3 times lighter than Air Pod Pro.
  • Upto 12 hours battery life.
  • Turn on Smart Call Notification when needed.
  • Enable Do Not Disturb mode before heading to bed.

What Comes in the Box

  • 1 X Amazfit ZenBuds Smart Sleep Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: Left and Right.
  • 1 X Rotatable Charging Case.
  • 4 X Pairs of Silicone Earplugs: Super Small SS, Small S, Medium M (attached to earbuds) and Large L.
  • 1 X USB-C Charging Cable.
  • 1 X User Guide.


One-Year Carry-in Singapore Limited Hardware Warranty


  • Weight 2.0 gm (each earbud)
  • Charging Case 50 gm

Amazfit ZenBuds Smart Sleep Earbuds Specifications

  • Knowles full-range armature receivers
  • Battery capacity
    • Earbuds 10 mAh
    • Charging case 280 mAh
  • Input
    • Earbuds 5 V 0.01 A
    • Charging case 5 V 0.2 A
  • 20 Hz - 8 kHz frequency response
  • Acceleration sensor

Amazfit ZenBuds Smart Sleep Earbuds Work Only with

  • Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above

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