Netgear ProSafe GSM7212F M4100-12GF 12-Port Gigabit Layer 2 Rackmount Managed Switch with PoE

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Highlights from Netgear ProSafe GSM7212F Reviews

  • Low latency at all network speeds
  • All SFP ports have 100Mbps backward compatiblity
  • Industry standard HTTPS command line interface (CLI)

The Netgear ProSafe GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch is a fully managed switch for 100M/1G access layer in commercial buildings, hospitals and campus network environments. It delivers an unbeatable combination of near-enterprise-class performance, security and convergence?? at a small-and-medium-business price?? point. The Netgear GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch is ideal for organisations requiring reliable, affordable and simple access layer switching. Advanced scripting capabilities, redundant power supply (RPS), private VLANs, LLDP-MED and MVR help provide?? network services in a scalable, future-proof manner for wireless access?? points, IP phones and IP camera infrastructures.


  • Built upon L3 hardware platform while Layer 2+ software package allows budget optimization
  • Netgear ProSafe GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch uses latest generation silicon low-power 40-nanometer technology
  • L2 and L3 switching features (access control list, classification, filtering and IPv4 routing) are performed in hardware at interface line rate for voice, video and data convergence
  • Increased packet buffering with up to 12 Mb dynamically shared across all interfaces for most intensive applications
  • Jumbo frames support up to 9Kb accelerating storage performance for backup and cloud applications
  • Netgear GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch offers Redundant power supply (RPS) option for uninterruptible operation and high availability


  • Front
    • 10/100/1000?? Base-T?? RJ45?? ports:?? 12
    • 100/1000X?? Fiber SFP?? ports:?? 12 (shared)
    • IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) ports:?? 4 providing?? up to 30W per port
  • Rear
    • Power?? Supply Unit (PSU):?? Internal
    • Powered?? by PoE: No
    • RPS?? connector:?? 1
    • PoE?? budget (PSU/pass-through):?? 150W

Intelligent Management

  • DHCP/BootP innovative auto-installation including firmware and?? configuration file upload automation
  • Selectable serial RS232 DB9 and Mini-USB port for management?? console
  • Netgear ProSafe GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch has a standard USB port for local storage, configuration or image files
  • Dual firmware image and configuration file for updates with minimum?? service interruption
  • Fully functional Netgear web console (GUI)
  • Single-pane-of-glass NMS300 management platform with mass configuration support
  • Netgear GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch can be placed outside the wiring closet (conference rooms, offices, classrooms, sales floor in retail stores etc)

Layer 2+ Package?? Software

  • Netgear GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch comes with port-based/VLAN-based/subnet-based versions of IPv4 Unicast Static Routing
  • Automatic multi-vendor Voice over IP (VoIP) prioritization based on SIP,?? H323 and SCCP protocol detection
  • Voice VLAN and LLDP-MED for automatic IP phones QoS and?? VLAN configuration
  • IPv4/IPv6 multicast filtering with IGMP and MLD snooping, Querier?? mode and MVR for simplified video deployments
  • Advanced classifier-based hardware implementation for L2 (MAC),?? L3 (IP) and L4 (UDP/TCP transport ports) inbound security and?? prioritization
  • Management: Telnet; SSH,?? SNMP, MIBs,?? RSPAN
  • IPv4/IPv6?? ACL and QoS,?? DiffServ:?? L2, L3, L4,?? ingress?? 1 Kbps
  • Netgear ProSafe M4100-12GF Switch is Green?? Ethernet compliant with EEE (802.3az) and Energy?? Detect Mode
  • VLANs:?? Static, Dynamic, Voice, MAC, Subnet,?? Protocol-based,?? QinQ, Private VLANs
  • Convergence:?? LLDP-MED,?? RADIUS,?? 802.1X, timer

What Comes in the Box

  • 1 X Netgear ProSafe GSM7212F M4100-12GF Switch
  • 1 X Power Cord
  • Rubber Footpads for tabletop installation
  • Rubber Caps for SFP Sockets
  • 1 X Mini-USB Console Cable with 1 X Mini B Connector and 1 X Type A Connector
  • 1 X Rack-Mounting Kit
  • 1 X Resource CD


Netgear ProSafe?? Lifetime?? Local Singapore Hardware Warranty


  • Length: 44.00 cm
  • Breadth: 25.70 cm
  • Height: 4.32 cm
  • Weight: 3.67 kg

Technical?? Specifications

  • Switching fabric:?? 24 Gbps
  • Throughput:?? 17.857 Mpps
  • Acoustic noise (ANSI-S10.12) @ 25 ??C ambient:??
  • Heat Dissipation (Maximum):?? 548 Btu/hr
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF):?? @ 25??C ambient - 670,956 hours;?? @ 55??C ambient - 190,562 hours
  • Power Consumption (all ports used, line-rate traffic, max PoE):?? 160.60W max

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