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Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and T3PM Pedal Set for PC/PS4/PS5 4160843

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MPN: TM-4160843; UPC: 3362934112264

Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and T3PM Pedal Set

Review Highlights

  • Versatile Wheel shape. Suits different racing styles
  • Foam-filled leather lining. On outer portion of Wheel
  • Connect to gaming device via USB cable

Patented HEART Technology

  • Proprietary. Based on contactless system of magnets. With no friction
  • Increases long-term lifespan

25 Action Buttons

  • Almost twice as many as in Thrustmaster T150 series racing wheels
  • Physical and virtual buttons
  • Including two dual-position encoders. Up and down. At ends of central spokes

Dynamic Force Feedback

  • Modify force feedback level on the fly. Via screen
  • Three preset modes of resistance included. Compatible with all games
    • FFB 1: Feedback 100% proportional. To force required by game
    • FFB 2: Enhanced feedback. For better skid control
    • FFB 3: Boosted feedback. Enables users to feel curbs, skidding off-track and other racing effects
  • For immersive experience

Next-Gen Hybrid Drive System

  • 70% more power than Thrustmaster T150 series hybrid racing wheels
  • Mixed belt-pulley-gear mechanism. Reduces friction problems

Thrustmaster Integrated Digital Race Dashboard

  • Select from more than 20 different views. On built-in LCD screen
  • Adjust Force Feedback type, speed, wheel rotation angle, PC/Playstation mode and range of other settings. Manually
  • Choose from race position, gear ratio, RPM, best lap time and other telemetry data

Magnetic Paddle Shifters

  • 30 ms response time. For superfast gear shifting
  • Precise gear activation feel. Reduces driving errors

T3PM Magnetic Pedal Set

  • For 12-bit resolution precision. Which will not decrease over time
  • Four distinct pressure modes. On central brake pedal. Optimize braking as per configuration and gaming setup (desk, cockpit, stand etc)


One-year Singapore return-to-base (customer carry-in) limited hardware warranty

Technical Specs

What Comes in the Box

* 1 X Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel
* 1 X Thrustmaster T3PM Pedal Set
* 1 X User Manual


* Length 28.00 ­cm/38.40 cm
* Width 26.06 ­cm/33.94 cm
* Height 24.18 cm/20.87 cm

Compatible with

* PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Officially licensed
* PC

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