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  • Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition Joystick for PC 2960858
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Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition Joystick for PC 2960858

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MPN: TM-2960858; UPC: 3362932915737

Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition Joystick

Review Highlights

  • Ambidextrous Joystick
  • HEART (HallEffect AccuRate Technology)
  • Extreme precision. 14-bit resolution for TCA Sidestick. 16-bit resolution for TCA Quadrant
  • Does not work with XBox

TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition

  • 1:1 scale replica of iconic Airbus Sidestick
  • Throttle built into joystick base includes thrust reverser function. Helps master related maneuvers. Ensures you control your landings perfectly
  • Four versatile button modules. Adjust Sidestick configuration before each flight takeoff. To meet your requirements as captain or co-pilot. Or as solo pilot with Sidestick in central position
  • Access twist rudder function by rotating Sidestick handle along Z-axis. Includes locking system. For multi-tasking commercial pilots

TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition with Add-On

  • Eight ergonomic physical action buttons. Plus eight virtual buttons on thrust levers. Total 16. Replicas of Airbus airliner controls (A320neo type)
  • Two separate thrust levers. Includes built-in thrust reverser mechanism. Fully functional on airliners, light aircraft and transport aircraft
  • 15 functions in TCA Quadrant Add-On. Including realistic buttons and detents. Designed to control approach and landing sequences
  • Landing gear lever. Lets you focus on tasks in your checklist during post-takeoff or pre-landing
  • Mechanical selectors let you disable detents and thrust reversers. To switch to linear axis. Stepped mode inspired by counterpart on Airbus airliners
  • Enhance your drag control with precision. To decrease your flight speed with airbrakes
  • Manage flaps lever. To increase lift coefficient at low speeds. And prevent aircraft stalling
  • Parking brake built into TCA Quadrant Add-On enables you to perform your stopping and parking maneuvers. When ground crew are not allowed on airport ramp


One-year Singapore return-to-base (customer carry-in) limited hardware warranty

    Technical Specs

    What Comes in the Box

    * 1 X TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition with 4 X Interchangeable Button Modules
    * 1 X TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition with Add-On Module
    * 1 X User Manual


    * Length 22.50 cm / 23.50 cm
    * Width 19.50 ­cm / 19.00 cm
    * Height 19.50 cm / 8.50 cm
    * Weight 920 gm / 1.1 kg

    Compatible with

    PC (Windows 10)

    Customer Reviews

    "Received with thanks … Joystick work with flight simulator game … thank you for delivery service." … Budiyanto Johan, Lazada 65494691520111,  Nov 11, 2021